Camping Regulations

The management asks the guests to please observe the following rules of mutual respects, so as to assure them a peaceful and comfortable stay.

1 - When driving along the streets of the camping, drivers must mantein a 10 km/h speed and follow the indications on the signs.

2 - Cars and motocycles must be parked near the tent or trailer, off the market streets,or on our outside parking, so as not to interfere with the traffic circulation.

3 - Children must be supervisted: the mangement declines every responsibility in this respect.

4 - Dog owners must keep their dog on a leash and take them outside the park periodically for reasons of cleanliness.Dogs are not allowed to the beach.

5 - Loud noises must be avoided at all times: televisions, radios and record players may be used but with moderation.

6 - Silence must be respected from 11.00 PM to 7.00 AM. Vehicles may not enter and circulate inside the camping between 10.00 PM and 07.00 AM.

7 - It is prohibited to dig holes in the ground, light fires, put nails in the trees or damage the flowers plants, sanitary facilities or other equipment in the camping.

8 - It is prohibited to throw away paper and waste except in the containers provided.

9 - It is prohibited to wash cookking utensils or laundry except in the places provided and clearly indicated.

The management reserve the right to expell anyone who commits acts of vandalism or do not respect our regulations.


The following services are available to the guests:
Reception and departure, post office and telephone, cashier, exchange ,shop in the hours on the entrance.
The camping is guarded all the times; however the management does not assume responsability for money or others objects belonging to the guests.
Any articles found will be kept for the owner for 1 year.

The management thanks you for coming and wishes you a pleasant stay.